i can feel you looking at me when i walk past you.

you see me, you act like you didn't, but i can feel your eyes on me.

you only have two eyes but it feels like a million.

it feels gross. it feels dirty. it feels scary.

why do you keep looking at me? why are you watching me?

i got over you. i never spoke to you again.

you never got over me. you scream at me with your eyes.

i can hear it.


ill never forgive you for what you did to me.

ill never forget what you did to me.

you ruined me.

 you made me hate more than i possibly ever could.

your eyes would look at me hungrily every day.

you would look me up and down. you would stare into my eyes.

your eyes were so dark. as dark as you.

i think you liked to see with your hands too.


your eyes were so creepy. you look like a snake.

i can still see you and i know you see me.

keep your filthy eyes off me.

you don't have the right to see me.

don't look at me.


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