The pathway to the mind.
The gateway to the soul.
The eyes never lie
When your heart has bullet holes.
Brown, blue, green
Maybe a jumble of all three.
Your lips can be perfect liars when you’re hurting
But they don’t fool me.
An open book or not,
Your eyes tell it all.
The story you were afraid to speak
‘Cause you thought I’d sit and watch you fall.
So I don’t give a damn what you told me
In your state of ignorance and youth.
I already know what happened.
Your eyes told me the truth.
But they’re beautiful, your eyes
Even if you disagree.
The color, the shape, the size,
And your ability to see.
I can see that sparkle when you’re happy
And the shine when you cry.
I’m in love with the glossiness.
It just makes your eyes
Eyes are the stars in the sky on a clear, dark night.
They twinkle, glimmer, and shine.
Like a person deeply in love who told their partner
“I love you, you are mine”.
Eyes tell a story.
Happy and sad.
Great and wonderful.
Good and bad.
Watching someone’s eyes light up when they’re truly happy
It’s like watching a flower blossom.
Only one word can really describe the sight,
And that word is

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