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listen and keep your eyes and ears sharp
what im about to say you will open you up like a drunk person telling the whole truth about all
you notice how a short person can get a fly honey who is tall
they say big things come in small packages
no, im not speaking the obvious
to some, that might be oblivious
notice how a politician talks about their plans of actions, and yet when there is a scandal
with a dumb-founded look, they seem to have a prostitute wearing some ugly sandals
notice how they say there is no resources to provide updated books for school
yet, they have millions of dollars sitting up in their room like brandy in her video
your boyfriend tells you he loves yous
yet, he seems to tell every other female that same line with that sorry tabou
drug dealers tell you that they care for you
yet, if there is a shootout, they leave you out there crying for blues
keep you eyes and ears razor sharp like a shank
or else your girl who you think she is the one will be on the corner looking like a skank

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I enjoyed how this poem was almost circular, with the beginning and end both bringing back the importance of being aware of all situations which occur around us. Also, you send a message to the reader about how our actions affect how people think of us, but even so, not everything is as it seems.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

im glad you enjoyed the poem
its about bringing awareness, but with comedy, sarcasm, bold, fearless,etc
its about understanding about choices and its consequences
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