eye o the storm

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 17:30 -- JMgray


Its raining! and in the mist of the storm i find a calm standing out side, a tranquility, a warm, an inner peace as the trees scream in excitement.  im enlightened, most humans would be frightend, off by the fear of quite lightning. but the orange sky sings gentle lulibies and whispers a spoken word that eminates from the trees.  i feel humbled, i dont talk i am mumbled by the aww of the fantasy im in.  i win the joy of this epic exctasy, of the trees and the wind giving birth to my fantasy.  now i am a ninja, standing on top of a building. i dive in to the wind and i pull my self up and roooooaaaaaarrrr with the wind!  i land gently as if a petal kissed by the first drop of light and then i  dash off like mad angles in flight. i dip left so gracefully that the tast of me becomes as sweet as a honey sickle, my sweat drizzles and leaves a hint of peppermint in the air,  taste the auroma of me wisking by you and gain pleasurable thoughts as if you heard fredastair singing. now i stop and leap off a cliff in to this abyss  Which swiftly  turns into ur arms, then you hold and soothe my alarm, your scent it speaks it says  "mr. Gent i've waited for your love to caress my boosm and grace my lips like a blossoms necture ill be your bee if you let me be i'll fly around your park with people and the leafs".  Then you kiss me and i remember that im stainding in the rain of the paradise of nature, this gift! thank you for granting me this blissfull gift.  i stand here and open my third eye as the storm calmy rolls rite by.


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