eye dee kay

sun illuminates the sky 

and these golden maple leaves 

as i'm looking up at you

and these october fallen trees 

thinking of the pumpkin patches 

and the bouncy house before 

buying hot chocolate and useless things 

at the department store 

i'm looking at the pictures cos i can't read the words 

and i don't think of the diseases as i try to touch the birds 

looking at the stars, i don't think much about the day 

i just think about tommorrow and if i'll join ballet 

when tommorrow finally came i didn't think the same 

and the birds that were alive once slowly just decayed 

thinking of the days when i had to hold your hand 

and now my hand is empty and i don't understand

the pumpkin pie i ate just seems more bitter than before 

since my wallet is just empty i can't buy what's in the store 

instead of chocolate beverages and golden autumn sights

i'm drinking cups of coffee so i'll stay up at night

now that i can read the words, i understand what it's all about 

what have i accomplished? i think i'm a burnout

all i think about is what they're going to say

looking at my body i know i can't join the ballet 

when yesterday was here and the maple leaves were near, 

i wish i could go back and so i shed a tear



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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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