Thu, 03/29/2018 - 12:12 -- Noob

My body holds a universe
An entire universe
There's constant creation
Constant disturbance
Somedays there's more mass
Somedays there's more energy
Some things swallowed by blackholes
Some things just exhaust their light
Some things shine with might
And promise to continue to
They don't need fame
Nor money or love
Or acceptance
They don't care for these
And all I want
Is to remember everything
All the suns and stars
All the spaceships
All the planets and comets
All the asteroids that never made it
All this science in my body
An entire universe
And all I have to show for it
Is the art I create
If I shut myself down
This universe doesn't cease
It creates and creates
Till I can't hold no more
And I need to put pen to paper
To let it all out.

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