Explain It To Me

When I was younger...

I thought there was something wrong with me.

As i grew older, I realizedI was just crazy

You didn't believe me

thought I was overreacting

Then I told you that you were crazy too

But not crazy in the way that I am 

My crazy and your crazy are two diffrent things


Your crazy because you conform to the rules and ways of society

You let it dictate your life

Decide who you are going to be

You focous on what you

Have to do

Rather than what you

Want to do


 I on the other hand

am crazy for doing it all

school work and a my work are not equal partners


This book

This book right here

This book is my heart

Upgraded and unrated


My work should come first

even it comes at the expense

of not handing in my homework


why should I complete something

 that I honestly don’t care about

simply to turn in to someone

 to judge my work

 judge my worth

someone who by the way

I will only encounter for an average of about a year in my life


I like photography

but I have not time for photography

how am I supposed to grow as a photographer

when I have no time for photography


I mean practice makes perfect right


let’s change the status quo

create a place where doing what you love

does not

come second to doing what people think you love


a place where

we’ll be alright

we’ll be okay


a place where the only rule we will follow is

to never have anything but pure raw passion for


we do


let’s be like the greats and paint

a lot.








let’s be crazy for once



let’s also keep calm


let’s kick back and relax

and do what we love


worrying about


report cards

or commitments we didn't even want I make in the first place

but made anyway to please those around us


If not caring for a little bit is what it takes to be truly content with what I do

then bring on the selfish


because I want to take a better photograph

scratch that



take a better photograph

because I’ll have time to learn

and you'll do whatever it is that you love

and get better at that


let’s dress like hipsters and run




somewhere where they


catch up


I want to live a life in neon


and return to be happier versions of ourselves


I'm crazy

and you are too

let’s be crazy together

because I think I'm crazy for you


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