Fri, 05/23/2014 - 03:02 -- B_L_E

Give me a second to explain,

Give me the letters to explain.

The world is vast, as is my mind.

I try to find what is in front of me.

But the sheer truth is that I cannot find.

I cannot find what is meant to be.

I'm blind to the truth that's in the corridors of my mind.


Give me a minute to explain,

Give me the syllables to explain.

I don't fit anywhere, I'm here on my own.

A lonely existence with nothing but purpose.

I have a purpose that much has shown.

Look beyond what you think and on the surface.


Give me the will to explain,

Give me the hope to explain.

Why not give up?

Forget what I wish to explain.

I’ll just empty out my cup.

Silence my voice into the rain.


Why should I explain?

To whom shall I explain?

What good does my explanation do?

Who will listen?


Go away and let me slip into remission.


Explain why you would care?

Explain why I am important?

You listen when I do not want to speak.

You heard and hold the words that I entrust.

You encourage me when I am weak.

You tell me that my words are a must.


I will continue to explain.

I will never stop explaining.

I am valuable as are my words.

It took another human for me to understand.

That I’m free and beautiful like the birds.

Now I stand without another’s hand.

And now even if no one is listening, I will speak my words.


I do not need to explain. I am who I am. No explanation needed.


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