Expecting the Wait

Sometimes you just NEED

Need to be with that person

That makes you smile

That person who

Turns your nightmare into your greatest dreams

Your failures into accomplishments

My judgment is not clouded by anything

For my like for you has become unbearable


So strong to make me wanna reason

See you daily...

Hold hands together

Makes me wanna be here with you

You know little of what you do..that is to me

To adorable

Sweet& cherished

You do not know that??

I just want to hold you& never let you go

Never let go of the good times

That we've shared

I want to keep a smile on your face

I want to love you

You've changed my fear into something not to fear

Touched me softly with your words

Kindle my heart with your words

You are everything that I'm looking for

& imagined

Hoped& prayed for

Only now do I notice you

Where have you been for the past few years

Of my life

When you could've been my super hero

Where you could have always saved my day

Kept me away from the dark

Kept a smile on my face

Damn...like truly what are you doing to me

Butterflies in my stomach

Protruding eyes

Protruding thought

You are something else

Someone special

You are the best

Oh how I wishl you could just feel my heart

Feel the way its pumping at the thoughts of you

Now I'm questioning if I truly care for you

More than I expected

More than I ever imagined

............ ..........

Just wanting your all....to be your all...

..... .....

Just know that, its here I'll be....

Even if it means WAITING.!


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