Expectations are now at thier highest peak.
Senior year and I'm still a freak.
I'm sorry.
I apologize. 
Please turn away, don't watch me cry. 
I will never be what you want of me. 
I'm so sorry.
You say it doesn't matter. 
Your lies should split your tounge with your fire like venom flowing. 
I know you love me. 
I know you care.
Sometimes I wished you didn't so I wouldn't have to live in fear. 
Disappointment pours out of your eyes with every tear. 
I'm sorry I'm not where I should be. 
Please forgive me as I run away. 
Your expectations choking me. 
Your expectations haunting me like a ghost in the night. 
Your disappointment in the light. 
I'm so sorry. 
Please forgive me, forgive ME. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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