Well, congratulations

You've made it into society

Here we rape each other

And curse our elders

There are no rules

It's a free-for-all


Welcome to reality

You've made it into Hell

Far hotter than Heaven

And even more attractive

I'm sorry, did you just mention "morals"?

I'm afraid that word is forbidden


What did you expect?

You've been counting sheep

While we all enjoy the pain

And dance on our graves

We're poppin' daisies down here

Where'd you fall from, angel?


I've got a past ten books deeper than the Bible

You've got an infinity that overlaps our tragedies

Welcome, novice

I hope you stay awhile

And hand over some chapters

It's not like you'll need them


Well, congratulations

You've given it your all

We raped you

And you gave us your infinity

I kinda needed those chapters

Thanks for taking my place

What more did you expect from me?


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