Mon, 04/28/2014 - 21:56 -- MACT

Life and death had a meeting

when life was old, dying, and pleading.

Death said hello with a grin, a dark greeting.

Death looked at life and said, "welcome back you look different."

Life said, I learned to fail and die before fleeting.

Death screamed, "you need me. You're making me belligerent!

The difference is you need me and I don't need you!"

Life said "I've learned a lot from death that is true.

I come back stronger, and stronger each time."

Death looks pale and sick like he caught the flu.

He said, "in this meeting I'll commit an old crime."

Life said "I know of only one crime that is older than new.

It's called dead hopes and dreams; they remind me of you.

Time is moving, changing, creating. People are

dying while walking and breathing. Like a star

their light fades, as it travels through time. The distance is great.

The light speaks about the past ,when in an instance too late,

the light slowly fades. You destroy, I create."






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