Except For You

Wishing I could travel through time and then I'd go and make you mine again, but I'm sipping on this Heineken wondering if I'll ever be fine again. I think about you on a constant basis. I only see you in everybody's faces in all kinds of different fucking places. Now you're the ink flowing through my pen. I sit and think remembering when we used to kick back and drink, picking out some stems. We were the greatest thing ever seen together. I didn't think you'd ever leave never pictured us next to the D.A., wondering what will he say hoping he'll give us some leeway. I told you I could live without anything except for you but didn't think I'd ever be expected to cause I wasn't thinking about my actions affecting you. I was thinking of everything except for you.
I'm sorry that I fucked up and got us cuffed up. I never should've picked that tuff up but I became an addiction see. So you automatically had every right to be mad at me. I still hear your voice driving me crazy saying "How the fuck could you lie to me baby?" But I was trying to let go of that shady side of me baby, cause I wanted you by my side as my lady. But I knew that I failed as soon as I went to jail, then went looking for another sale. I came so close to death from an overdose on meth, but lying to you is what I mostly regret. I will love you til the day I die and never blamed you for saying goodbye cause nobody could love the way I lie and I lied about everything except for you.
I always seem to dream of you and wonder if you see me too? Hoping you can feel me kiss and squeeze on you. You would think that it's been too long and I'd be able to move on, but I gotta tell you you're wrong. You're imprinted on my brain, and I admit it, it makes me insane but I'm the one who did and to blame. I finally found the will in me, to take responsibility but this fucking pain is still killing me. I'm sorry that I drove us apart. I really did love you from the start and never intended to break your heart. But I was dumb as an ass, thinkin I was having fun with the glass, but baby doll I'm done with the past. AT least everything except for you.

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chessi maria

Oh, this is so heartfelt! I really enjoyed it :)

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