Evil Loves Hugs Too

I'm really not a good person,

Not a good will kinda gal.

Around the masses my attitude tends to worsen,

But I still make a good pal.  


Maybe I'm dark and sarcastic,

Perhaps I'm too quiet or loud?

My love for the odd is fantastic,

And that leads me to a strange crowd. 


My friends are all fine fellows.

As sweet as sweet can be. 

We meet in halls, exchange helloes,

And then off they tromp without me.


I've accepted I'm a villain.

I enjoy it very much.

But when we are out chillin'

We never seem to touch.


They are all so comfortable, 

Even on each others laps,

But they seem to find it detestable

To ever close our gaps.


Hey! Evil loves hugs too dammit!

I'm not at all opposed! 

Yes, even a bandit 

Doesn't mind being enclosed.


I want snuggles,

But all I get

Are struggles.

So here I'll place my bet.


I bet I'll be the best hugger yet. 

If only given a chance.



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