Everything will be Awesome

From the outside looking in you may think we are simply wide eyed and ignorant.

No cares no worries, little minds full of big dreams, but we aren’t as clueless and naive as we may seem.

Take it from me a girl who is barely sixteen that those of my generation have seen the faults that those before us have amply made. 

We have watched as those who with age became closed-minded to the fact that our awesome world has changed. 

New concepts have called for modifications to be made that will only improve our society. 

From our stance on gender equality that has manifested its self into the name “Feminism” to our increased knowledge of modern day racism,

We as a people have evolved.

While those who rest in power now may not see that these changes will only make our society more unique, their grandsons and granddaughters do. 

We have not yet forgotten of our world's potential and we have not yet lost faith in the belief that we are the generation who can make our dreams reality. 

We still believe that everything has the power to be completely and utterly awesome. 

The potential that lies before us is no more than a blank canvas waiting to be painted in the colors of a new world. 

From the inside looking ahead we know that right now not everything is awesome.

We understand the challenge that comes with the needed change and we will not backdown.

Together we will stand hand in hand despite our differences to create the world we had wished to grow up in,

And that will be the day when everything is truly awesome. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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