Everything Happens For a Reason

Once upon a time, there was a teen by the name Jose.

He was like any other high school student.

He wanted to be successful in life but also wanted to go out and enjoy his day.

But Jose had big things planned and could be seen as different.


As Jose grew up, he thought he would do the same as his friends.

It was not until his sophomore year that he felt he was meant for something better.

He asked himself, "Why do as they do and just follow the trends?"

Jose thought up of many ideas that were good but they were much harder.


Jose thought he would live a normal life without a problem to be presented.

But he did not know since seventh grade, one had been approaching really slowly.

He did not know good health was not to be taken for granted.

His first year of high school he was diagnosed with Epilepsy.


Jose and his family were all in disbelief.

They had no idea what to do and felt as if in a dream.

They did not know though that this was something to not cause grief,

but was actually something that was going to create an opportunity to soon redeem.


As Jose first dealt with Epilepsy, he felt in a state of denial.

Life seemed to be closing its doors with little room for opportunity.

Jose did not give up though and knew something would come in awhile.

He then thought of something that came in so randomly.


Jose had not thought much of college and thought it should be deferred.

He only thought of going to a community college and doing something simple.

He then had the stray thought to go to Stanford.

The idea soon set and Jose had his whole life to reassemble.


His prior plans were to become a computer engineer

and had little to look forward to with no financial burden.

Those plans were nothing but ideas and not to adhere.

His new plans were to do something for people and be a Neurosurgeon.


Jose was now set for these plans and expected it to be a breeze.

He did not look much into what was going to be some time investment.

Soon he would realize to go the path, he must oversee his disease.

Jose forgot of all setbacks caused by Epilepsy and did his best to put aside discontentment.


As Jose went through high school expecting to do everything possible to get into Stanford,

he still had to get things fixed in order to take down the barrier.

So he did his best to do everything possible even though it was harder.

Soon it was too much for him and thought he was close to failure.


Hospitalization set Jose back a couple steps and created a bigger gap to his destination.

Jose felt horrible but saw it as a test to see his commitment.

He had quickly got back up and did not give up on his education,

and was now on his way to follow his path of fulfillment.


As an applicant to a handful of schools, Jose looked forward to only one.

Stanford was a hard school to get into and that was certain.

Jose was hoping for an acceptance into Stanford but received none.

He had only hoped for a yes so it quickly closed that curtain.


Jose was accepted into UC Santa Cruz and others as well but felt his path had come to an end.

Jose rejected all acceptances and was close to veering off what he had planned.

He was now in a state of failure but was able to get back up with the help of a friend.

She motivated him to take the opportunities given to help his hopes to still stand.


Jose was quick to ask for reacceptance to a school and luckily they did allow.

He was accepted into UC Santa Cruz and was grateful to be a Banana Slug

It was now to continue his path but still wondered, “How?”

He knew he would have to take the chance and not pull the plug.


Jose is now a proud incoming student to UC Santa Cruz.

He will continue to follow his path and major in Neuroscience.

As he is growing up, he has one thing in mind that he will not refuse.

Life is already a fairytale to believe in, that is based solely off of reliance.


Make sure to make the best out of your story,

Because if you do not, you may not be able to take in all of the glory.

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