Everything is Awesome Poetry Slam

Everything is awesome,

because not only flowers can blossom,

that kid on the streets can too, or even that person that lost their job,

and they don't know what to do.

There are so many opportunities to succeed,

and ways to save lives with that red stuff that you bleed,

the problem is that when we finally make it we get overcome with greed,

when we always have that oppotunity to lead!

There are other people that are going through struggles,

they have too many things that they're trying to juggle,

but we should all understand that everyone is a muggle,

and we all need help, even if we doubt it.

Everyone is awesome! That mom over there,

or even that freckled kid with red hair,

or that homeless child begging for money, 

who knows he might become a mayor!

Then you say that out loud, and people think that sounds funny,

because they think they're better than them,

when every single person has a nose that gets runny!

That's why everythings awesome, because we all came from God,

Michael, Wanya, Mary, Ann, Taylor and Todd,

even if we don't believe that, we have the freedom of opinion,

superstar athletes aren't the only one in a million,

Everything is Awesome! you'd say sounds silly and,

I'd have to agree, but the statement holds true,

just look in the mirror and you'll see.




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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