Everyday Hero

You, my friend, can be an everyday hero.

You may not know this, but you have powers.

Well not like a the ones you see in the comics and movies,

But you still have powers that really matter.


Saddness in life is something we endure from time to time

When asked how we are doing we usually reply with "I am fine."

One of these days youre going to make that lie into the truthful phrase

Why not make that day today?

You have the power to make your "sadness" temporary

All you have to do is move forward with positivity.


We tend to focus on our own struggles so much

That we forget to see that we aren't the only ones.

There are other people in this world just like you

You see so much yellow, why not help them paint over their blue?

You have the power to brighten another one's day

It all depends on what you do and say.


So there you have it. You have powers

Not like the one's with capes have, but just as super.

So, yeah... I thought you should know

That you, my friend, can be an everyday hero.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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