#every filter


There are a million filters I could choose,

and I can't recall the last time I didn't use

a filter to hide my face from people who

I think would judge me but again who

can say they'd hate me anyway, in

a mess of faces and filters and sin

I can't tell who's real and whos plastic

and I know it's not just me who's sarcastic

in finding a way to show the true me,

but I always do it jokingly,

I say I love trendy things to adorn

my entire self with-but to aviod scorn-

because I love my sweats and t shirts and more,

makeup is a lot to take every morn

and then at night I don't go out to party

but stay inside and watch stories Sherlock and Moriarty,

and cry when John marries Mary,

not to mention when the Angels tarry

and send the Ponds back before they jump

and the day is saved until, nope,

the Angels take Rory and Amy follows

and the Doctor feels he has found his gallows

and Merlin waits for years to come,

for a man who hated what he had become

and that is me in my truest form,

an emotional wreck, the eye of the storm,

but from a distance who can tell

because I wear all my makeup so well

and my high heels and skirts and such,

and at school I talk so much

to cover who I am inside

untill I fall for my own lie.


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