Every Day


Every day I look at myself silently

My deep brown eyes - what do they see?

Within that pool of such a basic color

There they are, look closely

The lines and grooves of a shadowed landscape

And pupils as black as can be

Like holes that shrink when closer to the light

What more of this world shall I see?


Every day I look at myself silently

My small, gentle hands - what do they create?

Fingerprints for your general identity

Palm lines that some say draw your fate

Mine are dedicated to illustrating my spirit’s art

As they have always done to this date

The joining with others’ that has built several bonds

What more in this world shall I create?


Every day I look at myself silently

My flat feet and weak ankles - where do they drift?

Steps that have lengthened over the years

Dreams that have continued to materialize and shift

Most of these steps have treaded heavily

The restraints of struggles that I will never stop working to lift

Endless ideas of places I’ll go

Where farther in this world shall I drift?


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