Ever Seen?

Have you ever seen a futuristic show

Where the land, complete with data, is shown

So you know more about the world

Than your eyes on their own?


Have you ever been in a grade school

Full of little kids playing on the grounds

And you try to count them all, to the last

While random numbers are shouted through a megaphone?


Have you ever connected some dots you've found

When you sit outside, or even with your phone

Your attention rapt at the image forming,

Something you never expected, and your mind is blown?


Have you been to a castle in the old world

The stones crumbling away in thousands of pounds

While you admire the works of man within nature

Getting lost in the grandure, far from any town?


Have you ever felt a jolt of elation

But you let out a silent moan

Because there's no way you have

To let the emotion, from your being, glow?


Have you ever felt a clarity of being

So clear and pronounced the tone

And you merely want to sit, to feel, to be

While you sit there, not lonesome, but alone?


I can't begin to tell you how I really think,

The ways my mind works on its own, 

So I offer you this abstraction, something close

So that my mind just might be known.


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