Even If I "Did" Have The Answers

Oprah, what do you need all that money for?

Bey and Jay, why do you're tickets cost so much for your tour?

Why does Donald Trump have so many houses?

When so many people are struggling to go to college.


Isn't it funny how America is in dept for a billion plus dollars?

Is my tax money going to Twitter and Facebook everytime someone becomes a follower?

Oh I get it . Wait no I don't .

Where did the people on that Malaysian plan go?


Remember that lady on the history channel who outed the Area 51?

Haven't heard from her in a while. She was old pretty old. Maybe she passed away.

Don't you think it's funny how we have so many videos of Big Foot? 

Yet, we're still unsure of his existence till this day.


Put the gun down and fight like a man they said.

Why is Bush still alive and my friends dad is dead?

Why are our soldiers being shot down with a gun that reads " Made in the USA' on it?


Why is it  that I'm old enough to go get killed fighting somebody elses fight but, I can't sit down and enjoy a Budlight?

That doesn't seem right.


If I had any of the answers to these questions

I still wouldn't answer them


Because the Government would have me so shook up and scared them.

If I had the answers to these question

I rearsure you that I would be living in fear


Well, I don't know about you but, I wouldn't want to the next person to disapear.















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