Eulogy to Dad

Dear Dad, now that you’re gone, it isn’t over, and it’s never done.


The work we do while on Earth is only intended for our spiritual growth.


There’s nothing wrong now that you’re gone, it’s just that you’re missed, and yes, there is grief.


We must not, too much cry, I’m sure it’s better on the other side.


Here are some memories I have of you, some are funny, others true.


I remember, as a kid, while crossing the street, I asked you to carry me cause I was so beat.


The day you brought me that little doll toy, a rare occasion that brought me some joy.


When I was a child in your truck I put flowers and a poem, so I could surprise you when you got home.


You got mad when I entered your truck; by that reaction I was sadly stuck.


I hope now in heaven, as you look from above, that you understand it was done out of love.


The day you gave me a sip of beer, oh how you worried my mother dear.


When I kissed your cheek, I dreaded that your whiskers tickled, but worse that, was your love so fickled.


As a teenager in my attempt to connect with you I bought a motorcycle, it was one of those things I did in this father-daughter love cycle.


These are the stories of our lives, it isn’t right and it isn’t wrong, it doesn’t matter now that you’re gone.


First it was my mother then it was my brother, and then it was you who was to follow.


My two sisters and I are all that’s left of this immediate lineage; I hope that’s not where it will finish.


Whatever we’ve learned from you will be passed on, because our work is never done.

So you see, this inheritance we decree, that after were gone we are truly free.


Be free Dad!

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My family
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