Street crossing at four corners,

Home alone again,

Mind unmark’d by shames profess’d en masse.


Body and mind transgressing divisions of self,

Wellspring taint’d with past,

Boxes line photo’d walls alive with memories long forgotten.


Skin unpock’d by besetting hands,

Breathe easy in loud silence,

Love’d bits of reckless words spout’d from looser lips.


Sunlight seeping through the blinds,

Wrinkles ‘round lover’s eyes,

Street lights flickering on to guide travelers ‘long the road.


Sun shine on morning’s break touches face delight,

Jeans soaked core deep,

Little worm drown’d in rain lives another day.


Laughter filling up empty spaces on harsh days,

Star gazing after hours,

Hands held long in the lights of pulsing dance.


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