Fri, 08/07/2015 - 23:52 -- sekato

Ice blue

sky always dazzles

Sun rays

bathe all in radiance

Leaves glow

emerald against the light


Zooming closer

eyes on the Earth’s skin

Particles embedded in stone

High definition sight


Here’s nothing one can buy

Except with life

The beauty is unending

Eternal like the nightfall

Eternal like the dark sky

Eternal like the starlight


Wind’s breath

heavy on hot skin

Heat steams

sauna of nature

Cool breeze

clouds tower to new heights


Eyelids shut

ears open to sound waves

Buzzing chorus of insect calls

Rumble of lightning’s strike


Senses paint movie worlds

Fluid in time

These moments pass so quickly

Ephemeral like lightning

Ephemeral like mayflies

Ephemeral like sunrise


Memories are snapshots

Beautiful frozen worlds

Ephemeral like lightning




Eternal like the starlight


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Our world
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