The Essence of the Lighthouse


We all search for that lighthouse
When we're hopeless, in need of direction,
it's not there.
When you close your eyes and imagine,
you can see the light.
You find it.
I am grateful, to have the strength to close my eyes
find my lighthouse, giving me direction,
giving me hope. 
I dream, now and again
of a different time, of a different place. 
You know how incredible it is to be able to dream? 
To be able to start all over again? 
I love my mind, and would never rewind 
even with every mistake I've made.
Each experience is a block built.
I'm big enough to make a home soon,
I'm going to bring shelter,
to everyone I love, or want to learn. 
Each mind,
have the ability to spark a flame
bright enough to start a fire,
seen miles away.
Love, passion, and the ability to dream 
It's the essence of my lighthouse.
I have the strength to build it now, 
I have the strength to see outside myself. 


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