Escaping the "Friend Zone"


Escaping from it's place some time ago, 

no direction - searching for an unknown soul. 

In need of comfort, another person who's unclear. 

Looking and looking, and the time comes near. 

Not everyone is faithful, caring and warm. 

It wasn't familiar with danger, so here comes the storm. 

First lies, then the pain;

 cheating, and then the rain. 

Exposed to the game and since then it hasn't been the same.  

Changed my surrounding, yet not completely healed. 

Jumped into a friendship, still lost in a field. 

One month, two months, three months, seven. 

All the while, it wasn't quite heaven. 

There was somoeone before, someone of interest. 

Never put in effort, didn't think it would benefit. 

But soon enough feelings have developed, 

and what need to be done is done just to be together.. 

It's taking an affect on our minds-

yet not everyone is happy to find, 

that my heart is no longer searching, it has found it's match

Fitting like a puzzle-piece, locked in place by a latch. 

I've finally passed all the closed doors, 

My heart is settled right next to yours;


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