I feel the pressure of the walls of this box

pushing from each side, increasing, squeezing,

and as it gets tighter in here, the pressure builds

builds into an atmosphere chaotic enough for lightning

I, about to burst so violently that the walls

do not just fly off but they implode within themselves

become no more than six pebbles

the pressure contained in themselves,

I, almost at the peak of the cliff

ready to jump but the cord is just too short,

I, who is ready to escape,

I am ready to escape.


I am ready to let these words flow through me

not a second thought of disapproval or censorship

not about future or opinions

but about NOW, the EVERLASTING NOW

the NOW I exist in should have no walls

nothing is to become of a caged animal

born  to be a killer in the wild,

my NOW should not have to be unlocked

with a secret key that only authority holds

I, about to burst forth so violently

and snatch the key for myself,

I strike the walls in a rage, in tempest

let me out of here, no reason to cage a killer

when a killer I’m born to be

in the NOW I do not reside,

in the NOW I have no pride

for reputation is a past and future concept

capable of nothing but limitation

in the NOW I need to run

faster than any leopard gold lightning flashing for only a moment

your retinas cannot hang on to that

your photos can make a mockery of me

but I can’t go anywhere without changing NOW

let me out let me out

I promise I am escaping.


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