The Escape


United States
41° 41' 34.9368" N, 88° 39' 11.07" W

I drink this drink to ease my pain, but deep inside there is no gain.
I try my damnedest to fight the urge, but every time I only splurge.
I drink this drink to fill a hole, a hole that's boring through my soul and all the while it takes its toll on my life and on my spirit.
And I do know that I fear it, but the voices I hear to make me drink, they badger me till I can't think, until I drink some more till I can't hear it.
I drink this drink to escape the pain, to escape the sorrow, to escape the shame.
But all the while I hear the voices, giving me options and giving me choices, the choice to suffer through this all or to escape against my wishes.



This poem holds a close place in my heart for I have friends and family that suffer from substance problems dealing with alcohol.

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