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It seems my body is out of touch

The signs are showing, its independence growing

Autonomous spasms seize my control

My conscious being slammed to the floor

Knocked out by my very own host

Without a voice to scream

Without the tears to cry.

Then, though brought back to my conscious body, my being stays robbed of quality

Soaking in my urine, sore from all the jerking, I'm mortified and disoriented.

Even after my body's bathed, my muscles rested and my brain relaxed,

My mouth still fumbles to speak at last. Determined to relate, anger builds as I frustrate..

The words won't work, a foggy glen consumes them!

I search the fog with increasing fervor.

A pressure grows as my emotions fester.

Disconnect seems imminent, my thoughts too far to understand.

My weary bones grow tired still.

My heart seems to beat slower.

My very brain is dulling now.

My words forever unspoken.

My feelings lost to the tides,

My pain gone misunderstood, amd

My emotion beyond comprehension.

Wipe up the piss-stained floor.

Wash my soaking clothes.

Try and go to sleep.

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