The era of the Feminist Prose

Feminism is now the apparent “new trend”. Simply because a top-40 song and a famous actress are promoting well needed gender equality, it’s viewed as this new sudden topic. Feminism’s original definition is solely supporting the equality between both sexes, and it is uncultured to believe that others must open their eyes to this issue based on pop culture. Celebrities have a major influence on the world we live in, however as an individual human you should be able to obtain simple morals. Being a feminist is not based off of what you do or what you say, and some believe that crying “men are pigs” or “women are better than men” is the appropriate language of feminists. This stereotype is unquestionably misinterpreted, as one who supports the morally right idea of gender equality understands that both sexes are deserving of equal treatment, not favoring one over the other. Misogyny is commonly intertwined with feminism due to the lack of liberalist ideas that some may obtain, thus they may not comprehend the density of this definition. It is important to believe in a ‘Feminism’ that empowers every woman, every man, and including the often neglected transgender and third-gendered community. Awareness is correlated with strength, and acknowledging a human issue is the profound power that is imperative to create a greater change among the mindset of generations. I plan to frame my future through initiating new ideas for change and improve the person that I am, to create progress in my environment. 

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