From EOC to ACT


Cognate to School:


From EOC to ACT

   These acronyms alude me

but not in the softest sense; never


I find that we all lose quite a bit of common sense

as if we had stuffed our pockets with useless lint


They teach us for the EOC

As if life was built around redundancy;

now that idea runs my mind like a horse but there seems to be no remorse


Constantly they teach us for one test

Never realizing they forgot the rest.

The rest is everything that applies

From the many life skils and things that appeal.


Conversely, I don't mind a test or end of course;

but only hate when I wonder was there something else.


I hope we all appreciate the things that dont appeal to a school curriculum,

because from EOC to ACT

 There is something we never get to see.





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