She thinks it's ugly,

But I think it's pretty.


     I laugh my head off,

     While she takes some pity.


          She runs from the storm

          As I walk in the rain.


               To me it just tickles;

               To her? Lots of pain.


                    The rich man in pinstripes

                    Shows a fancy new tool.


                         She thinks it's brilliant!

                         I call him a fool.


Will you stop doing this?

Will you stop doing that?


     I liked the big dog,

     But she likes the fat cat.


         She's fed up with me

         For my fun, teasing taunts.


               I'm fed up with her

               For her childish wants.


                    Stupid! So stupid!

                    I'm sick of your ways!


                         We spoke ill of each other

                         The rest of our days.




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