Enough is Enough


I've put much thought into this

I can no longer hold it in,

We slave away,

For full-time days.

And still,

We never break.

Look here now,

You tell us speak up

But when we do

You say, "Enough is enough".

You who says,

"Tell me the truth,

What do you feel?"

Just to know

Your words aren't real.

"I'm here to protect you"

No, that's a job for my moms

But bad she ain't around.

You try to fix my problems

You only make them worse.

I say, "He picks on me"

But you're a homophobe.

You look at me

Like I'm from some other world.

Now hear me out,

This isn't it,

When the teacher said,

"A black man,

Tore it down,

A white one will turn it around."

Act of racism?

No, not to you.

You sit back and see who I turn to.

You speak to them

And I go to OCD.

Freedom of speech,

Or are we not practicing?

So here's my point,

I'm tired of you,

I'm glad this is my last year of high school.

But you will taught and tease

Those who are already bullied.

So I leave you this message,

And because you don't care

I'll sign it for all of them


The lesbian,

And the black kid,

The immigrant,

Those who had it rough

Along with our friends,

Honesty and Trust

And don't forget,

Enough is Enough.

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