You cannot fix the whole world

Not by action, nor by word

No matter the insult tossed in your face

You have long enough let this conflict unfurl

No man deserves to be deprived of Life Liberty or Property, we all know that

But too often now what we think we are made of

Is the “Right” to pursue happiness, treated like some dirty rat

But you know, on both sides there are crimes

The LGBTQ has its “right to be heard” too

But you know what else? So do I

And so does every man, whether or not he’s you

So what’s wrong with this picture?

Let’s start with the “haters” and move up from there

Buckle up, because it’s a long lecture

Enemies of both sides beware

Haters: there really aren’t that many of you

But just because I disagree doesn’t make me a hater too

If everyone that disagrees is a hater of mine

Then by that the word “hater” means nothing but a man with a spine

You see, I know both sides and if I say what I mean

I’m a man of consistency, and that’s what counts

If you can’t stand to be opposed, go in your room, lock the door

Because anything worth keeping will be fought for, no matter the amounts

So suck it up and get down in the dirt I’ll tell ya,

I’ve never once traded my pants for a skirt

But some of the people around me will say

“You know, for a while now, I’ve been rather gay,”

And you know what I say back to them?

I say, “Gay is a mindset, it has no real root

If I’m a flower that doesn’t grow back,

I don’t get to say ‘I am Groot’

So find a way over or around this thought,

Because no matter how you perceive yourself,

No matter what you say, I’ll tell you it’s Not

Because God made you, fearfully, wonderfully, not for the shelf

You wouldn’t be made into such a thing as sin

Not according to the God I profess to believe in

Because He loves you, and I’ll tell you what, friend

If that’s how you choose to be, you’ve decided your own end

Love is a trippy word, and it doesn’t deserve to be said

Because of the phrase of Love and War

Too many people end up dead

And all to be had to what, and what for?

To be had for the next tier, the self-killing ones

Just because I argued doesn’t mean I thought it was fun

So don’t sharpen a blade or pull a trigger

Just because you think I thought I was bigger

Be the bigger man (or woman, if you see it that way)

And tell me why I’m so wrong to you, and why (according to me) you THINK you’re gay

Chemical imbalance? There’s a pill for that

But you know, there’s a moment whereat

We both recognize that one of us is right,

And I’ll tell you now, I’m rarely EVER wrong

And when I am it’s no big deal,

I probably forgot the lyrics to a song

But let’s suppose you’re a bisexual, or at least you think you are

We’re moving up a tier here, so let’s define what’s in your heart

First off, if Love is the only word, then I’d be bisexual too,

But it’s not, there’s Phileo, Storge, Agape, and Eros considering who

I love my man-friends, but that’s Phileo, a brotherly kindness

I love this girl I know, I almost call her, “Your highness”

But that’s an Eros love, (that’s erotic, you see)

Something that doesn’t really last, between any two entities

I love you too, whether a man or a woman

Because you are IMAGO DEI just like I

And If we’re both here in the image of God

You deserve respect, so don’t think your slander will fly

If I give you respect, I’ll get it back in my turn

But if you decide you want to take advantage of this

And you decide my gift of honor to spurn

I’ll revoke my kindness towards you and you’ll get the full gist

My situation tells me that God loves you as well,

But you know, if you don’t accept the Savior I think you’re going to Hell

The good news (and gospel) that’s around this very moment

He paid for that sin with the ultimate atonement

But there’s an ounce to be weighed while we’re waiting here now

It’s that Christ hasn’t returned yet, so that opens some ground

For you and I to discuss what New Life looks like for you

And how on earth you’d change your personal self-sexual view

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