LGBTQ Issues

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Can it happen here? Brutality and inhumanity Packaged as isolated tragedy Rooted in insanity Caused not by guns but by mental incompatibility With idealistic libertarian reality.
I come from two different worlds The past and the present The acceptance and rejections I still don't know which one is my world  
Normalcy often sought by those fearful of what they grew up absent of. Who is to say identity is a sin? That checking the other box is not acceptable.
Bound now, but not forever In this vessel I once called me Betraying my soul whenever Mocked by society Liberation will come Her touch is all I seek With a kiss so powerful Her lips will set me free
I'm angry I have no idea why the fuck why, but if I did, I'd do something about it I'm angry If I knew why the hell I was angry I'd tell you. But I don't, so I won't, because I can't I'm angry
Being Demisexual is wanting a relationship but not knowing how to date Being ace/aro is wanting to experience love but not knowing how
  Records were broken as well as hearts. Hate caused rainbows to turn into storms  Within Pulse, heartbeats stopped.   The darkness will fade but the hate will stay.
Remember mommy, how we would smile at rainbows? Seeing them reminded both of us, that the gray color of uncertainty Has parted.
Can't Leave Me   I can’t breathe. I can’t see. I can’t feel. I can’t be here no more. All the chaos, the tension and war.
They said" well maybe you're just, broken."
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH You cannot fix the whole world Not by action, nor by word No matter the insult tossed in your face You have long enough let this conflict unfurl
everyone is different, in eye color, skin color, body shape even gender. we're also different with sexuality. straight, lesbain, gay, or even bisexual.   but being that different is difficult. 
You are just confused Coming out about your sexuality is just like being abused Confessing that I'm bisexual to everyone including my family, my feelings and heart was bruised
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