I'm losing it for the last time
I'm tired of fighting I'm drawing the line. Your pushing all my buttons what are you trying to find. Especially when you accuse my love of being blind. I do so much for you how do you not have a clue. Do you think my words I tell you are fake or are they true. You asked me a question that gave my heart it's worst beating. How can you ask me if I'm fucking cheating. I always answer your every five minute call. When I'm with my buddies you try to build a wall. If you try to control my life or will end with your fall. After hearing this written in disbelief and rage. Are you going to act your fucking age. Because your all alone up on that stage. I'm trying to help you change your ways. I'm not one who like s to play those childish games. I'm not going to be wasting my time. Your acting like I committed some type of crime when all I did was rhyme. You need to change your behavior. I will not be taken as a fool or even a player. I'll beat that ass like how I do in halo's slayer.

This poem is about: 
My family


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