Enlightment: Know history know self

I am as bright as the quetzal bird, flowing within me
Believing history is in me
Where my wings are CUT off when wanting to FLY
Wanting a renewal of life
Somewhere uniformly
The heavens may touch upon us
An out to this maze
We are not rats which carry disease,
Us who are deprived of ignorance,
Trying to mistake cultural beliefs with commonality,
Or mistake the meaning of property
The sweat on our backs,
Swollen feet,
The cries of our burning stomach,
Creating hope
As Moses lifted up his hands and opened the Red Sea
(Exodus 14:21)
Looking like beggars
They spit on the land
The same spit lands on our face
For we are the ones thanking
While our face looking down
Hands up as in glorifying them like Gods
Kids wide-eyed
“Do the same”
Taking the child's insight:
Turning it into a culture
Let this not be
For insight is a lot
And when youth is lost
They have won
Blood of ancestors have stained our clothes
Along with the fight
The fight for the FUTURE

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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