The Energy Never Dies

A friend once told me that we don't die, we're just simply at rest, like a music

notation and the energy never dies. 

I still feel like this was yesterday, though it's been sometime now since we part ways.

When you left me with a text I cried, I couldn't believe it (No), all the tears in my eyes.

My heart sanked to the bottom of my stomach that night . I would never forget how 

you made me feel. Our love, lasted as long as the "Titatnic".  Rose and Jack was our theme.

R+J I remember putting that track on repeat before taking a quick nap, but then I will wake 

up hearing a different tune, what's that? Oh, it's coming from you. Self-doubt. Hearing

you wasn't good enough for me and that this isn't fare, but it has to be done. How could

you move along so fast? As if, it was all in my head and we just playing pretend.


I remember a friend once told me, we're simply at rest like a music notation and 

our energy never dies.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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