An Enemy Born


You ask me why but I don’t know anything.

I’m just like everyone else, trying to find my way.

But you run into me so many times,

You push me to my limit,

And you make me feel so bitter about life.


I try to push through the unfavorable,

Through the lies and the grief,

Thinking that maybe it will run away from me,

But really, I’m the one running towards it,

And I let myself fall in a delusional state of sadness.


You say all the nasty things about me,

You take your anger out at me,

And I let myself get drenched with hate.

I scream for forgiveness but I receive none,

As I haven’t done a thing to deserve it.


Well, that’s what you make me think.

Every time I rise, you laugh and shake your head,

Like I’m just a simple innocent child but no,

I am not and I’d like to think I’m strong enough to prove it,

But just like a pessimist would, you hammer me down.


I don’t have a problem with what people think of me,

They can judge me all they want,

For their opinion shouldn’t matter.

It’s only you, who bursts into my thoughts and shatter my dreams,

And leave them in a showcase for all to see.



You are the reasons for my lack of sleep,

My eyes are dead, they cannot see.

You made me blind and let me be,

But on the edge of a cliff above an adorned sea,

Where I’m hanging loosely with no one but me.


I try to obscure you in the depths of Tartarus,

But even you can get that far.

You’ve been with me for who knows how long,

And decide to tease me each time I soar,

And never let me forget the guilt I hid beneath me.


Well, be glad to know, I’ll never forget you,

For you are my deep and greatest secret,

One that others may know but kept well hidden,

You shall be ready for me as I make a comeback,

For I will be as vindictive as an antagonist would be.


You won’t bring my empire down,

You won’t add another rainy day,

And make me hide behind someone else’s shadow.

You will now be defeated with the strength I have achieved,

And you will only be a reflection of someone I used to be…


Because now, I’m proud of being who I am,

A strong girl who is imperfect,

And surrounded by people who care,

I will prosper and become the girl I was meant to be.


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