You have a problem with the way I dress? 

The way I pronounce my words or treat other women with respect?

You hate me because I do well in school and sit front and center?

You wish to silence me because I act as the class's sole dissenter?

My opinions and beliefs ruin all chances of you ever being a friend to me.

Sorry, I must have forgotten I was talking to my enemy.



It's not my fucking problem if you can't get your shit together.

I could give less than a fuck whether my actions make your life any better.

I hate you because you're an asshole whose intolerance knows no end.

I pity and am forever puzzled by the poor bastards who choose to call you friend.

For all intensive purposes, come graduation day, you're fucking dead to me.

For I wont ever forget these valued conversations with my enemy.



Your father went to the store and never came back? You don't know the cause?

Big deal, lots of kids were abandonded by one parent, I know I Was.

You linger after school to avoid you're moms anger brought upon by her drug abuse?

Yeah well before he was locked up my stepfather beat me every day, thats still no excuse.

You act this way as sort of a defense mechanism, your coping strategy?

It may not be justified, but it is reason for wondering if I am still talking to my enemy.


Where have you gone?

As I watch the rest of my collegues crossing the stage, there is a face I never saw.

The program went on as intended but came short by one fatal flaw.

In all the speeches and the introductions, I never heard them call your name.

In fact in these last few weeks in any class, I dont think you ever came.

I wonder if my words caused more harm than did they remedy.

Sorry... I must have forgotten that I was talking to my enemy.


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