The Enemy “Society”


Jamaica Queens
90-08 171 st 11432
United States
40° 42' 31.2408" N, 73° 47' 23.0784" W

You don’t know the real me,

Why judge me based on the Appearance you see?

You break down my spirit, crush all my goals, and make me feel I am garbage,

Why must you play with my feelings and deprive me of my courage?

I am now tormented by my sharp thoughts that slashes deep within my soul, my name is fear, and insecurity defines me,

Does that make you feel better?

Yay you! you must be having a blast,

After all you’ve worked so hard towards making me an outcast.

You voluntarily contributed to my emotional pain,

Putting every single one of my life values on a strain,


You filled my head with evil intentions and pure negativity,

Causing everyone I loved to turn against me,

They ran from me, treated me like I’m invisible, and downright despised me,

Yes, I am the liar, Yes I am the cheater, Yes I am the manipulator, Yes I am cruel and Yes I am always wrong,

Everything you made me out to be is what I am now,

God you must love yourself,

Go ahead, spread those rumors you bastard, you’re on a role,

I am alone, depression flows through my veins, and I am trapped in my own filth,

I am my worst nightmare,

There you are, jubilant and enraptured by your creation,

That’s right, you built me from scratch and now I am officially your puppet,

Control me, do what you please,

Hurt me, bully me, kick me, scratch me, toss me and I will not budge,

I promise you it won’t sting,

Because I am indeed..nothing,

You are forever the winner and I am always the sinner,

Yay society.


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