Thu, 10/02/2014 - 12:15 -- Dedenyo

We all want  to be heard

because there is something in us

that is worth hearing.

There are endess things that interupt

these feelings in you, yet it has to be you

we hear it from.


Every fruit and it's juice

that is something you have to deduce

before you get to the end of the road.

Increase in knowledge is increase in

your sorrow,

what were you thinking.


It is  better you go solo

bcause it is not hard to make it out of the

shallow, in one voice

You can only lead when you follow,

what you have to say, might spark the next crusade of time

if you love it the world will fall in love with it.


Not at the same pace though.

There are endless things we all need to say,

say it because you have my soul's ear.

Say endless WORDS of passion

to the man and woman who are willing

to wait for it all to sink in.    




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