Ending the Occupation

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 06:00 -- Raza786


Murderous claws

dominate the leaking night,

so you can cringe

at their possession,

but your resistance is restless,

as you fight

for a forlorn cause,

showing the true colors

that bear

the forbidden land’s

taken love.


The skies are angrily weeping,

dying angels are stolen

of their innocence

in this tormenting,

hateful cleanse.

Blood becomes the carpet

for the lone survivors,

only a dreadful reminder

of a hungry beast,

ready to consume them

out of their living chance.



can define such a conflict

that breaks the barriers

of monstrous cruelty.

You heeded no desperation,

strength became

a matter of the mind,

and a revolution

was stemmed from

your veins of pride.


If rocks

could shatter metal,

you would’ve persevered,

but the silence

that prevails

a thousand nations

was a war in itself,

so you started to rely

on none.


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