The End of Youth

I have a few questions;

I don't understand.

You're having a child, rather than holding hands.  Why are WE so obsessed With accelerated growth? You want to grow up, But yet, you don't know. You have mortgages, taxes, Bills, payments, and fees.  You're so irresponsible, You aren't on your feet. Let me tell you about your age: eighteen is STILL A TEEN. Don't go dying to be an adult, I don't see why you're so keen. You're intent on losing innocence. Are you ready to settle down? Are you ready to grow stagnant, Stuck inside this tired town?  You're now a worker bee. The bottom of the totem pole. You will be this way, until you're buried in a hole. For your job, there is no training. You will always be "on call." Your hours are 24/7, It's life and death, after all. This job is called parenthood. I do not think you're ready. You don't know a single thing, And the outcome is weighted heavily. Have you taken any classes? What is going on inside your head? How are you to discipline? Are you able to keep them fed?  Minimum wage is not enough. You will starve. You will be poor. "Oh, there's time"  and 4 months pregnant? Obstetrician bills galore.  You're already in debt,  And the costs are piling up. She hasn't given birth yet, And you're ready to give up. But remember about what I said:  This job: you cannot quit it.  You're a responsible adult, That's what you wanted, isn't it?  You liked it, you put a ring on it.  I'm happy to see you're so committed. But who you are will change,  And I'm worried you won't stick with it. You aren't mature yet. It's still too early. Your emotions, your body, your mind... How are you supposed to raise someone,  When you're still a child inside? Any female can have sex. Any male can participate. Your pregnancy means nothing Other than what is on your plate. Where are all the original values?  Why doesn't anyone finish school first? It used to be so shameful, And now they're rushing to give birth. "Oh, I want a baby, they're just adorable, they're just so cute!" Get a freaking animal, And don't ever reproduce.  The world is over populated Because idiots don't know what to do. Can't you see we're killing ourselves? The resources cannot compete. Skyrocketing over the line We are falling to our defeat.  You see, I'm really wondering. What happened to humanity? What happened to bettering ourselves,  Rather than corporate insanity? Why is everyone so worried over controversial debates? We are taught to "love one another," yet we feed ourselves with hate. Oh wait! We cannot do that! I'm shoving religion down your throat! What if I was a Buddhist? All this anger is a joke. So I can't quote my religious text, yet you can quote what you deny? Whatever suits your case, Just do not say that I lie.  Feminism, "Meninism," Has superiority and insecurity  Driven us to cheer on death and rape? It seems that bullying has grown to be innate.  I am angry. I'm ashamed That in this species I'm included. We are not the human race. We are cognitively deluded.  The Superego, Ego, and Id. Learn to balance out the three. Make your scrambled synapses Learn to function normally.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Jan Wienen

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