End The Stigma: Speak Out (Don't Laugh)

I almost made it through the year unscathed.
Life's funny that way.
Had me thinking things were all good,
but the impending storm
knew better.

I almost made it out painless.
Life's funny like that.
But when things go bad,
it's all bad.
You can't see the sun. (Can't see at all.)

I would have made it through okay,
but this demon in my head,
gave me new thoughts,
dark and hopeless.
I guess it's funny.

I didn't last the year
in my okay state of mind.
But I couldn't tell anyone,
because who would listen?
It's laughable.

It took me thirteen months to get better.
And I have battle scars to show for it.
But people told me to just be happy,
and upset me even more.
They laughed.

After a year underwater,
with my back against the wall
and my feet on rock bottom,
Cornered in my own mind,
I have little else to say. (Don't Laugh)

Please don't laugh.

Because my mental health is no joke,
the oppressive thoughts I have
that make me want to hurt mysellf,
or starve myself,
or kill myself
are not funny.

Please don't write me off.

I'm not some attention seeking
college frosh
looking for a thrill ride.
This isn't glamourous.
It hurts.

I was okay for a while,
and then I wasn't.
Life is just like that (sometimes)
and I'm learning to deal with it.
So, don't laugh.







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