In The End, I Needed Me

­You told Me You needed Me.

Oh those magical words

Every girl needs to hear.

You told Me I was Your

Someone Special.

I Believed You.

I remember the countless days You told Me

You would never leave Me.

You would never.

You were so convincing, so

I believed You.


I spend My dreams on the


I flew so high,

Smiles were permanent.

So this is what Alive feels like.

I believed it because

I needed You.


What a funny thought,

To need Someone.

I’d only ever needed Myself.

But You told Me I needed You, so

I believed You.


I believed Your stories.


You’re quite a good storyteller.


You told me You regretted me

and everything i’d done

even the sacrifices i’d made

and i believed you


you sent me to the ground

an abyss of hatred

but i didn’t hate You

i hated me because

i Needed You


that’s what You told me right?


but You don’t need me

so who needs me?


what a funny thought

to be so dependent on


what a funny thought to

love myself

that’s what You told me.


I don’t believe you.


Because I don’t need you.


I need to feel Alive.


So go tell her you need her.

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