Empty Shell

The shadow of sadness is heavy on my soul

The words that brought me happiness no longer work

I am stuck in a world full of shadow and anger

I hide behind a reflection of

brown skin

brown eyes

brown hair.

Ignored through the day,

Not heard or seen.

My power of presence is no longer with me.

I speak out, freak out, and lash out

but no one’s here

to listen to me swear.

No one hears the shadow in the corner;

no one ever knows the real me inside.

My reflection has completely taken over

I am an empty shell without life.

When did I get this why?

Why is the pain so great that I can't see

the beauty of the rain or the rush of

spring on my face?


I look at the stars and wonder:

What is there above the sky?

What would it be like to die?








up in the night sky to the clouds above

wrapped in God’s light?

What holds me back?

What keeps me here?

There is no passion for greatness in my ear.

My heart beats with slow thuds.

My feeling aren't real

i can no longer feel time.


I am an empty shell in an empty box

in a empty world.


There is not enough of me to tell.



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