Empty Colloquy

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 10:38 -- Mal534


 There were multitudes of people
Too many for me to grasp
I stood there listening to hollow conversations
They refused to acknowledge each other from previous encounters
And in the rarity they do
They try to forget

The routine and polite questions are asked to avoid the other person from concluding the other is rude
When that judgment
And plenty of others
Have already been made

The exorbitant noise, useless banter, and meaningless conversations hovered
And eventually
Consumed the room
The poison that spewed from their mouths flooded my ears

I would rather be locked in an empty room
With my thoughts taken away from me
Leaving me with nothing
And that nothingness would echo off the walls
Conversing with itself
Yet, containing more essence than what they were saying




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