Empty Bottles


I was intoxicating wasn't I?

I had such a combustible presence in your midst you couldn't handle any missteps 

When I gave you a subtle kiss when I told you I could've loved you

I could've given you my world and let you have me a thousand times 

I wouldn't have said no even if it meant my mind would've been gouged through my eye sockets and doused with a lime

To pour into your wine as you get drunk off the secrets you'd find

I love you.

I love you I loved you

I love the you you were before you

You were mine to define what love was

Or was not

I wanted you against me to feel my heart beat for every syllable you were to me

The drum and hum of a silent beat that spoke to me when you touched me


We didn't make-

I loved, you took me without leaving anything left

My friends my home my life

You left me wanting to die and I did every night.

I killed myself everyday trying to get away from my lustful justification 

For loving your words like daggers in my eyes 

Your smile like poison in my thighs 

Your laugh like acid on my tongue

I lost consciousness and pleaded to stay in that place because I was with you.

I wanted you to have all of me and you already did.


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